Thursday, April 28

Self-Destruction of a Nation

This blog is about my perspective on the self-destruction of America and possibly the world with it.

To even make the statement that America is self-destructing is contentious in itself. There are millions of people all over the world who would argue that, not only is America not self-destructing, it is an ever-growing global superpower pre-eminent above all other nation-states, set only to expand its glory ever further.

This is an understandable, yet deluded point of view. The signs are upon us with ever-increasing rapidity that America is soon likely to suffer an economic collapse not seen since the days of the Great Depression. When the inevitable strikes and civil uprisings set in as standards of living decline and jobs are nowhere to be found, it seems that the Neoconservatives at the helm of the Bush Administration are far more likely to plunge the country into martial law rather than allow the disaffected masses to dethrone them.

Interesting days are ahead for the USA, and the whole of the world.